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Well, as the title explains above me, I’m officially signing off doing Monday Musings from this point forward. Not to sound like a broken record, cliché, or excuse, but recently I’ve gotten a fulltime job instead of living off my meager, pathetic, and sparse earnings as a writer. I’m still wholly dedicated to writing, but as you can imagine, working eight hours a day on something other than writing has changed my narrative focus. I would love to keep writing a weekly blog post about my thoughts and ideas, but I only have so much time to do my posts, so I need to pick my projects more carefully.

As I have said in previous musings, I have a serialized story on here that I’m going all out for, which I’ll be attempting to release on a weekly basis every Monday from this point forward. I’ll be replacing the musings with fiction. The story is dark fantasy. It is called Calamity’s Keep. It’ll be centered on a vampire living in a castle next to a human village, and how the locals balance out this almost symbiotic relationship between them and it. There are other monsters too. It’s going to be a giant story and I’m barely planning out any of it, which is unlike me as a writer. Normally, I outline everything to an infinite degree. This time, I’m just playing it by ear, and letting the narration sort of take whatever direction I want.

You can read the first part of this story called: “The Lutchkins.

So I do have some immediate regret about my musings, but life is all about making choices unfortunately. I’m still going to post ramblings fairly often, which will be shorter bits of information that still focus on philosophical discourse and writing. I’ll post event notifications too. I’m not vanishing from my blog whatsoever, instead I’m replacing my Monday Musings with free and hopefully awesome fiction for you to enjoy at your leisure.

In terms of books, I’m already working on the fifth book in the Greenland Diaries to be released in fall 2020. After that will be the long awaited sequel to Beware the Ills.

Thank you everyone who continues to read my blog and support me. Don’t go anywhere; I’m just making some slight adjustments to my output. This blog is still my most successful writing venture to date and I would never abandon it. I’m just super passionate about Calamity’s Keep and I want it to be fantastic.

Thank you again.

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